United Methodist Women (UMW)


Why Participate?

Meet new people:  The Bazaar is a wonderful way to get to know other Bethel Women - working side by side.  In other words, a free support fellowship.

Support missions:  The Bazaar is the largest contributor to the UMW's budget. 


Bake Shoppe:  It is very important that baked products are well-packaged.  Plastic containers for bars and cookies will be available in the Narthex in late September and October.  A number of new foil pans for fruit pies will also be available.  Help yourself to them!  A suggestion from last year was to have more in snacks.  Recipes will be on the UMW bulletin board for different snacks for items such as granola, caramel corn, cereal snacks, etc.  Ethnic foods are also very popular!

Home Shoppe:  Not in the mood for a total makeover?  Items that can make a room fun and comfortable are great sellers.

Tot Shoppe:  Baby gifts, children's toys, fleece hats and mittens are some examples!

Holiday Shoppe:  Maybe it's time for a customer to update the table decorations with a new table runner or centerpiece?  Ornaments for teachers, friends, and co-workers always do well.

Personal Shoppe:  Add some pizazz to someone's new outfit with some jewelry.  Help someone keep her holiday outfit clean with a new apron!

This and That Shoppe:  Ms. Hurd, our pumpkin carver, will be back this year.  If you would like one of her pumpkins, please sign up in the Narthex on October 15 or 22.

Attic Treasures:  Let your quality collectible items and other new or like-new items find a great new home.  Look around and see what you no longer need that someone else might enjoy.

Need Ideas of What to Make?

Aprons, pot holders, knit scarves, pillows, stuffed animals, wall hangings, table centerpieces, Christmas ornaments, stationery, bathroom decorative items, jewelry, hostess gifts, car games, baby blankets and quilts, baby toys, embroidered towels, dried arrangements, doll clothes, items for the bake shoppe (cookies, fruit pies [no cream pies], yeast and quick breads, pickles, relishes, jams, jellies) - please mark all baked goods with name and main ingredients!  Scan your craft magazines and other women's magazines for ideas.  Check out other boutiques and craft fairs for ideas.  Find out what's IN and what's NOT.  See what the popular colors are for home decorating and fun fashions.


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