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Bethel, along with many other churches around the world, is returning to the old tradition of being involved in health care “to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” (Luke 9:2)

Bethel’s parish nurse leads a health care ministry that works with individuals to incorporate optimal physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual wellness into their lives. The parish nurse is a registered nurse who assists members of the congregation to become more aware of their health and to move toward a fuller sense of wholeness, holding the spiritual dimension at the center of personal wholeness.

The parish nurse’s role includes:

Health Counselor

    • Visiting people at home, in the hospital, and at nursing homes
    • Addressing health concerns with church members and members of the community

Health Educator

    • Promoting the understanding of the relationship between lifestyle, attitudes, faith, and well-being
    • Making educational resources available to groups and individuals

Referral Source

    • Serving as a liaison and advocate between community health servers and parishioners
    • Assisting in locating appropriate community resources and services


    • Clarifying the relationship between faith and health; illustrating how they impact each other

Some examples of what the parish nurse does in the ministry:

    • Arranges blood pressure screenings
    • Coordinates of educational seminars, like those regarding colorectal health, living wills, and exercise
    • Arranges blood drives
    • Refers people to community services such as adult day care programs, alcoholics anonymous, support groups, and community health events
    • Encourages individuals toward healthy living through exercise, good nutrition, and spiritual disciplines
    • Offers presence and prayer to persons who are grieving or during times of crisis or celebration

The parish nurse is intended as a strong supplement to pastoral care, medical care, community health nursing, and other social agencies. To do this, the nurse works in partnership with these services, to give further extended access and benefits. The parish nurse does not provide physical care, administer medications, draw blood, or do other invasive procedures. Another important note: Parish Nurses Provide their services for free!

Bethel’s parish nurse is Tina Goralczyk. She can be reached at the following:

Church Office - (952) 472-1522

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